Filters done in "Show Analyzer" can be shared

I have a question about a feature that my company would really like to have.
So my problem is that after creating a Domo Card, let's say for example the number of orders per date in the "Last 6 Months" and "By Month", I would like to filter this card with the option "Show Analyzer" that is outside of the "Edit Card" option and then be able to share this specific temporary filtered Domo Card with people (and still keeping the original one).
For example, I put with the "Show Analyzer" tool "country = US" and change the time frame to "Last 3 Months" by "Week". If I share the card now to someone, he will only see the original card that has no filter on the country and that is done for the "Last 6 Months" and "By Month". But I want him to see the filtered one, without changing of course the original card.

That would be really a nice improvement in the Sharing process of Domo Cards. 
Because as of now, when we share a Domo Card, we have to tell people to add these filters and to use this time frame (which is time consuming when you have several filters with a lot of categories).

Thanks a lot.
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  • Thank you for submitting this idea @ye.  I am assigning to our product manager @Gavatar for review.

  • Thanks for this feedback, this feature is on our product road map and agreed this would provide a more powerful experience when sharing.  

  • You can now use Quick Filters and Save As to show them the view that you are looking at and have them see the results or you can use Send Now and that will show them the view.   

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