Problem using gitbash for development

So, I'm trying to start development on an app via Development Studio, as it is described here:


I get to the part where I need to enter "domo dev". I log in first, and that is successful, however it's like the CLI just hangs after that. Nothing happens after I enter "domo dev". Is there something I've missed in using gitbash?




  • Hi all,


    Can anybody help @Molleby with their problem?


  • @Molleby is this still an issue?  If so, I'd like to get you some assistance on this right away.


    We have pushed multiple new versions of the CLI that should resolve this but I want to make sure you have what you need to get moving forward.

  • @Molleby - I've not heard if you are still experiencing this issue.  If so, please install the CLI again using npm install -g ryuu.  This will get you to the latest version and resolve any login problems.




  • I'll give it a try this week. Thanks

  • @Molleby, please keep us updated ?

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