Deleted Cards show up in a search

Current State - You delete a Domo Card. You do a search because you can not find the location of a card. Deleted card comes up in the search and if you open one, it shows that it is in the Overview page.


Future State - You Delete a Domo Card and it is permanently deleted. It will not show up in a search and is removed


Not sure if this is a bug or the way Domo was designed?

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  • Also, another thing that I noticed is that a deleted card shows as active. This is a problem. A deleted card should definetly show as inactive.

  • FYI, I think I figured out Domo's functionality. If you are in a page view (where you can see many cards) and you click the arrow menu, you have a remove feature. This feature only removes the card from that page, but does not delete it. To delete a card you need to open the card, click on the wrench and then delete. I guess what threw me off was the fact that a card was not on any other page and I thought the remove would delete the card.

  • Is there a place we can see removed cards that are not assigned to any pages, but not deleted?

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