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Currently if I have any FYI info pertaining to a card, I can put it in the description for the front end user to know how to use the card, or leave comments in the history when I save changes to track what changes have been made to the card over time for Admins to review.


I would like a description field INSIDE builder, that is only visible when viewing in edit mode, to write notes about why certain filters and beast modes have been set up in the construction of that card. 


As a use case, I set up a few dozen cards in 2014. In 2015 I had to duplicate those cards to represent new product, and hope that there were no nuances back in 2014 I didn't remember -- sometimes duplicating a card for another use is about more than just changing the filter from product A to product B, especially if your data is not coming from a CRM system or robust data warehouse. Now in 2016 I have a staff member who is doing a similar function yet again, and she has to take screen shots of edit mode and hand write notes on the screen shot with my instructions for what goes where and why. I don't want her to have to look outside of Domo for this kind of resource!


A simple text field (a large field for a big block of text, or one that can expand as you type, like the Description field, please) would be tremendous, because I could then leave all the notes and reminders needed about what beast modes have been built on the data set (if you didn't build them, you often don't know what is waiting for you unless you open and audit each one) and what nuances may exist within the raw data itself. This would REALLY help with MajorDomo/Quality Assurance needs, and save my employee from having to take a picture of Domo and write notes on a piece of paper to do her work.


On a related note, the history section on the front end is helpful but that really only pertains to changes made to a card that is pre-existing, and can't be used to instruct someone how to make new cards following established parameters as described above. And as the MajorDomo, I don't even really check the history -- perhaps because it is such a manual way to audit ard changes -- so.... by the way, can I get a change log of those? So I can see that last week User A changed the label format to Currency on cards 1, 2, and 3, and their URLs/kpi ID#s? That would be a great way to leverage that field, I bet we would use it much more often in our instance if there was some kind of output from Domo to review what had been done in bulk.

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