Date format control for Date Values

I would like this functionality: Capture.PNG


To be available when I put a date field in my card builder criteria, in the little aggregation/label field:


So I don't have to do this: 


(Beast Mode used to create date format output for table card):



Value criteria has an option to set your number type, add decimals, etc -- so Date fields should have the option to format the apparenace of the date values.


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  • I agree with this, but even more I would like to select my date part including time, not just the format.  It would ease the burden of date admin and hopefully help control the frustration that UTC vs. Timezone congiguration causes.

  • Thanks for submitting this @RobynLinden and for the additional comments @tc.  I am assigning this to our product manager @ckwright for review.

  • @RobynLinden Thank for providing visuals, it helps with the feedback. To clarify, would you like more flexibility with date formating? Could you provide a bit more context on what date options?



  • I would like to indicate what the date field looks like. Right now if you drag a date field into a table card you get 2016-04-13. I would like to tell it to display 4/3/16, 4.3.2016, Apr-3-16, etc. 

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  • @RobynLinden, @ckwright I have an expansion of that idea: I would like to have the option for dates presented in the same fasion you have for values, when I click on the button:




  • @RobynLinden, Can you tell us how you were able to get the screen shots in your post? This is very helpful! I tried to insert an image, but was not able to get it to work as I could not browse for my file. Thanks for your help.

  • I used the Snipping Tool, my favorite Microsoft feature. Saved as a file on my network, then browsed for it via the "Insert/edit image" option here in the text box. I belive if you're not logged into the Dojo first it doesn't let you do that, I think I ran into that once, logged in, navigated back to the thread I was posting in, and was fine.



    ...screenshot-ing how to take and upload a screen shot is VERY meta.

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  • @RobynLinden, It works! Thanks for the info.



  • @RobynLinden Thanks for more detail, this is helpful. My team and I will look into this request. Thanks! 

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