Add a single-dimension filter onto a card

The Analyzer is great, but it'd be even better if we could build onto a card a chooser around one Category (or possibly Value, too) that the user could interact with to filter the card without using the Analyzer.


Example: a sales card with all types of product sales. A chooser on one side would allow a user to select a Region to filter the sales data, without opening the Analyzer.

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  • Thank you for submitting this idea @stahuram.  I am assignign to our product manager @ckwright for review.


    I'd also like to mention that we have a tools now that allow you to build Custom Apps that reside in cards in Domo.  Both the Dev Studio and Design Studio can provide this functionality.  You can get more information here:  


    I am the product manager for those tools.  Right now, the Design Studio has a filter 'widget' that can be added, but it is a very early version that we will be expanding functionality on soon.  If you don't have web coding experience (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) this might be a good route for you.

  • @stahuram Thanks for this feedback, we are working on some solutions that would allow you to dynamically filter on data points in charts. I think this will help you solve a lot of your needs. 

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