Does anyone prefer vs. Dropbox for automated import of flat files from an email attachment?

I am looking to find the best solution for automating the import of flat files off attachements of specific e-mails. Are one of these solutions easier than the other?  I am wondering the specifics on how it would only grab a specific, desired e-mail. These files will most likely be appended bi-weekly to a dataset in DOMO.

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    @bduncan717 - I did some exploring.


    I found that in Box you can click on the folder you want, go into the Folder Properties and you can change the Email Options. There you can "Allow uploads to this folder via email". With that, any attachments to the file, send to that email addess will be dropped in that folder. You can then pull those files in to Domo with the Box connector.


    I wasn't able to find the same email functionality in DropBox. We do have a connector that can pull the Data, I just don't see a way to create an email address for a DropBox folder.