Excel text to column equivalent in magic ETL

What is the equivalent of the text to columns (from Excel) function in magic ETL?  I have a column with mixed values that I need dileneated based on a constant character (in this case ";"). 





Need two columns

Column A               Column B

123456                   SKUName

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  • Hi all,


    Can anybody help @Chips with their question?


  • I am also interested to know as well!

  •  I am interestedi n this too, however i see a 404 error on this page

  • @Chips, did any of the above replies help you out?

  • Has this functionality been developed since the original post? Either in ETL or Beast Mode? I'm looking for this solution as well. 

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  • I am also curious is this is something that is now available in ETL and if so, how to perform it?



  • @btm please chime in on this one.


  • This worked perfectly!!  Helped to solve my problem!  Thanks for providing the link!

  • Since this post has been solved with MySQL dataflow for a while, is there any updates on the Text to Column feature using ETL? (I am new to ETL, so if this has been solved in other places, please advise.)