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The US Counties card works great for clients doing business across the country or multiple states, but we have clients that only do business in one state.  They want to be able to easly see business by a county within one state.  The US Counties card becomes hard to read, particularly for some of the smaller states.


Another possible variation if not having US State level map cards could be to allow the US Counties card to drill down and just produce a State Level break down by county for a specific state (can only drill down at the county level now from my experience).



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  • yes, state level mapping will be very useful for our health plan and broker clients sited in one or maybe a few states.

  • Thank you for submitting this idea @ChrisK.  I am assigning to our product manager @Gavatar for review.

  • Great point. We have the maps to do this we are waiting for the UI to be able to choose it. Right now we only have the single picker for all our individual maps. We don't want to clutter that with all the states for example. We are working on a new way to select from a much larger set of maps (that we already have - you can see all these maps if you try the lat-long maps). Thanks for the visual and explanation of need.


  • Hi, is this coming soon? I echo the need to be able to zoom in on a state when using county fips data.

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  • @Gavatar @product_John


    Can we get an update on this idea?



  • This idea is still in the backlog and waiting on the new charting engine that we are releasing this year.

  • The solution mentioned above implies that we would have to choose the state(s) that we want to view ahead of time.  Is there a reason it couldn't just automatically show whatever states there is fips data for?  I believe the lat/long maps already do this?

    We have a team of 15 + Regional Sales Managers at each of our clients that we need to provide this view for but having to choose the state(s) before hand would require us to make over 100 pages, as opposed to just setting the correct row level filtering based on user.

  • I guess DOMO still hasn't figured this one out yet.  We deal with ZIP-code level data in Washington, DC.  Managing to click on the tiny District from the US map in a presentation is difficult enough, displaying any mapped data for the District in a slide show for external users is impossible.  And forget showing ZIPs from multiple states on the same map.  

  • We are working on an intermediate solution for this. We are working on an option to still select the entire map of the US in the builder but if only a single state exists in the data being shown we will only show that state with its fips regions. Would that work for your use cases?


  • I like the sound of that - will it re-size to show a region, if say only the NorthEast is shown, much like the Latitude/Longitude map?

  • We are looking at that also not sure yet as we are in mid exploration on it

  • I'm anxiously awaiting and in need of this solution as well.  I have lat/long data, fips data, and so forth, but there are certain key regions (be it a single state, or sub-region within a state, or a set of states) that i'd like to be able to "pre-filter" (ie, filter on CA only) and have my card's top level display represent just the selected region.  As it is now when I am creating/refreshing a powerpoint, where we have focus on a particular area, i have a National map, but then i have to manually go in and filter to the state to get the state-only by county view.  Works fine on-line, but if I have to create a period-end point-in-time view, then i have to make sure i catch it at month-end or the results could be completely off if i miss generating it.  If it were createable at that level, then i could just setup an auto send or something like that.

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  • I would love to see this happen.  Any updates on the timeline?  I think its coming up on a year and a half already.

  • The main topic from this thread is complete. We released the state only fips maps. These are all available now under the map picker (call US State Map). This map will intelligently detect the FIPS codes that are in the data and show only the needed state. All automatic you don't need to do anything. If the data covers more than one state it shows the entire US. If the data is filtered to just a certain state then it will only show that state automatically. 


    In a later addition, there is a request for better handling of zip code level data. We have some very cool new capability that includes the ability to zoom in on data like zip codes. This addition is still in development but we hope to deliver this early next year. 


  •  Great news.  Do we have to format the FIPS code in any specific way to get this to work?

  • No - just call the column FIPS and it should work. Here is some sample data...

  • Great, thanks.  That's very helpful.

  •  @Gavatar,


    Thanks for the update here, this is great news!




  • County Level data not populating US Maps Card. I have FIPS in text format, but whenever I bring it in the map, it doesn't populate. Zip level works, State Level works, but County level just doesn't work. Can anyone help me here?

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