How to track specific data changes?

Is there a way to track specific pipeline (or data) changes in Domo week over week or day over day? For example, we already have a data source that takes snapshots every week, that allows us to see how pipeline changes each week. But is there a way to see what exact changes happened? What was added to the pipeline or removed? I think this would be incredibly useful. 

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    @dbaydina I added a comment to the idea so there is a link to this thread.


    I will follow up to set up a call for you with Brandon and team.




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    @dbaydina: just to make sure i understand your question, the pipeline example you used would show how a projected/realized sales volume changes day to day or week to week, but you'd like to see which deals are new in the pipeline, which deals fell out, maybe which deals changed stage, were won/lost, etc. does that sound like what you're looking for?


    currently there is not a way to monitor and alert on data changes like this without diving into your data after a refresh, one current workaround is to create an alert that monitors a summary number like sum of all deal value in your pipeline or count of all deals in your pipeline and then set an alert to see if that value changes by 1. when the alert triggers, you can then check your card, but figuring out exactly which records (deals, in this example) are new, missing, updated is still going to be a challenge.


    however, your idea sounds really similar to another one that's been proposed. if that describes what you're looking for, make sure to upvote that idea so we can include you in beta and usability test for this type of change alert you're requesting.

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  • @dbaydina, did markdelorey's reply help you out?

  • This is interesting, but sorry for not being clear. I was wondering how to build cards that track changes, not the alert. Exactly like @mdelorey said (thank you for your response!), I would like to see cards on "which deals are new in the pipeline, which deals fell out, which deals changed stage, were won/lost, etc." week to week or maybe day to day.  

  • @mdelorey, can you provide any further insight? 

  • mdelorey



    @dbaydina: Right, I hear what you are saying. Being able to basically see the changes in your dataset as almost a new dataset to build cards off of, alert on, etc.


    I'm not aware of a way to do that in Domo today, but there are some features on our roadmap which will make this possible. Again, this idea has a similar sentiment:


    You could upvote that idea and add your use case or create a new idea of your own.


    @btm: You may want to take a look at this use case.

    Retired Domo Alum
  • Thanks for looping me in @mdelorey.  @dbaydina - this is a great suggestion and I can definitely see how it would benefit your team and tracking the changes that happen over time.  @dbaydina, as the Product Manager over to process of bringing in data and seeing changes, I'd love to jump on a call with you to talk through some further details of your suggestion.  Would you be open to having a conference call?

  • Thank you guys! @btm absolutely! Happy to get on the call about this! 

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