Badge Automation

I would like a way to automatically award badges. Make it so if a user does a certain thing they are automatically awarded a certain badge. For instance: after they have logged in 50 times- badge, or after they have completed their profile-badge. Is there a way to have these automatically trigger a badge award?

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    Are you referring to badges in the Dojo community or badges in Domo product?


    if this is for Domo product please post this as an idea in our ideas exchange which can be found here.





    PS In the Dojo, most of the badges are awarded in an automated fashion.


  • Thank you, I was refering to the Domo Product adn have moved my suggestion. 

  • aside from the automation, does anyone know how to assign an achievement/badge to individuals?

  • Hi @CoreVest,

    If you are on an individuals profile padge you will see the list of badges that person has earned just beneath their organization layout. Next to the badges is + with a circle around it and that allows you to assign an achievement, from the list of achievements you have created, to that person.