Highlight and Backspace as Back Button Issues when Editing Chart Properties

When a user highlights from right to left by clicking their left mouse button, dragging left and then releasing beyond the input field it closes the input field's parent "pop up module".  In the case below, the "pop up module" is the filter.  The problem is that when a user is attempting to add multiple items to filter by, it often closes, wiping out the other items already entered.


Additionally, if a user highlights and presses backspace quickly but the field is no longer there, it takes the browser to the previous page, sometimes wiping the entire card.


Backspace issue.PNG


Is there an easy fix for this?  Has anyone other than our team experienced this?

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  • @OmriLevin Thank you for bringing this to our attention, I will have our team to look at this feedback. 

  • I've experienced this many times as well.  Most web apps like this confirm with the user if they try to navigate away from the page without saving changes.

  • In the interim, most browsers (Chrome and FF) have extensions that block the "backspace effect". I can recommed "BackStop" for Chrome. Yes you would need all your users to install it, but it ca save you on many other website when you enter text, focus out and hit backspace.

  • I have not much negative things to say about Domo, but let say this one is the most frustrating thing! I and all the 110 users are struggling with this all day long and I receive a tons of comments about this every week.

  • Thanks for the comments on this important feature request!


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