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Please give us the ability to tag cards such that we can then search on those tags in the Admin card view.  Right now the only way I know to organize cards for search is by their location in a page, and by specializing the card title.  As cards multiply this task becomes much more difficult.



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  • Hey @MarkGoold! I love it! It would be really nice to have a universal tagging systems for you to categorize stuff. @btm have you seen this? 

  • btm



    Thanks @MitchyMitch8 for looping me in.  @MarkGoold - this is a great suggestion.  Our development team has done some initial research on tagging and we definitely see it as something we want to deliver to you.  We have it on our roadmap and as we get closer, I'd love to keep you in the loop and see if participating in a future Beta would be something you'd be interested in. If so, it would be great to connect to get some of your information that I can reach out later on.

  • Sure that's fine.  Thanks for your help!

  • Any updates on the ability to tag cards.  Agree this would be a huge plus and much better way to organize card "sprawl"

  • I'm also looking for an update on this feature being added - thanks!


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