Print Entire Page (and all cards) from Domo

my users would like to be able to print the entire page (dashboard) using DOMO.


they would prefer not to export to PPT or anything else.


i know its a big ask, but i promised to submit the request.

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  • YES. same here. the pages, as dashboards are great, and you should be able to export them to PDF. Additionally, Google rolled out the beta for Data Studio (5/24/16), and it's features for building reports and dashboards is amazing. I'm floored by it, and that type of functionality, is what DOMO should do.

  • Thank you for submitting this idea @gomezican.  I am assigning this to our product manager @michaelf for review.

  • Thanks for submitting the request @gomezican! We'll review this with our development team!

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