Use Personal Mac as SFTP Server for CSV-SFTP Connection



I'm using a Mac (OS X Yosemite) and am attempting to use the CSV-SFTP connector. I'm hoping to use this machine as the SFTP server. In other words, connect locally and upload CSV files that live on my personal machine. I'm running into a roadblock with the connection.


I've enabled remote sharing, and have successfully used Terminal to convert my machine into an SFTP server. However, I can't seem to translate this over to a successful connection in Domo. Happy to provide more specifics, if needed.


Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated — Thank you!

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    Your sftp server would need to be reachable from outside of your internal network. You would also need to whitelist Domo's external IP address if you have whitelisting enabled on your server. For a list of the IP addresses that need to be whitelisted you can send an email to Domo support ([email protected])


    As an alternative we have a DropBox and also a Box connector that you could use to upload your csv files into Domo. We have customers who install the sync tools for either connector and then set up their Domo instance to pull those via the connector.




  • Hi all,


    Can anybody help @HMB_DS out?


  • Can you confirm whether or not the above post was useful to you in conecting your SFTP server to Domo? 

    Thank you,
    Andrew N.

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    @HMB_DS is there a reason you would want to use your local machine as the SFTP server? We (I am the Data PM for Domo) are looking at an option would allow Domo to provide a hosted SFTP to push your CSV files to, would that be something that would help your situation or are there other reasons that you are looking to use your local machine as a SFTP server?


    The concept (note this is not developed functionality, but I would like your insights) would be that you would create a CSV connector and selected hosted SFTP as the option, we would provide you a key and instructions to send your files to the SFTP server. You would securly send your CSV files to the server and we would process them. 


    This would provide you the security of the SFTP server without having to manage the server yourself, would that meet your needs?


    **Again this is a conceptual discussion to gain requirements for future development**


    I would appreciate your insights. 

    Alex Peay
    Product Manager
  • HMB_DS
    HMB_DS ⚪️

    Hi Alex,


    Thank you for reaching out! In short, I just want to upload a CSV file without channeling through an SFTP server. Primarily because I don't know how to launch and/or use an SFTP server.


    You're idea sounds great though. At a broad level, I could defintely see customers benefitting from increased automation, security and user-error prevention. So for my specific use case, yes, I believe it would meet my needs.


    However, I may be an outlier in my lack of experience with these tools. Hope this helps!

  • HMB_DS
    HMB_DS ⚪️

    Hi ReggaeStar,


    The alternative method is a great suggestion, thank you!

  • HMB_DS
    HMB_DS ⚪️

    Hi Andrew,


    The post from ReggaeStar was useful. Specifically, the alternative method — upload CSV to connection via Dropbox or Box. I'd love to have feedback for the first suggestion as I feel like that's where your question was geard, but I'm in need of SFTP 101 training - haha!

  • @alexpeay does Domo have a timeline for development of this hosted SFTP server?  It's a good solution.


    My understanding is the limitation with DropBox connector is that you need a DropBox business account.