How to connect to LinkedIn groups (versus Company pages)?


Has anyone figured out how to connect to LinkedIn groups (vs Company Pages). Its been important to us because as a publisher most of our LinkedIn activity is happening in groups. 


Any info would be helpful. 




  • Hi all,


    Can anybody help @deepabijjula with their question?


  • It is currently not possible to pass in group dynamics from other applications into the group system in Domo. This all must be manually done. Can you explain more about what exactly you are trying to accomplish with groups and what features you are using to do so in Domo? Are you referring to Publication Group pages?

    Thank you for your help in understanding the problem,
    Andrew N.

  • @deepabijjula, did andrewnemrow's reply help answer your question?

  • Hi thanks for the response. LinkedIn has two types of pages you can grow your follower base with: Group pages vs Company pages. I see that Domo currently only supports input of Company page data. I wanted to find out if Group page data can be ported in as our users are higher in the Group than on the Company page so thats what we monitor. 

    I understand if its not currently on the plan. 

  • @deepabijjula, feel free to add this to our "Ideas" section.