Duplicating cards on a collection level or duplicating multiple cards for a particular collections

1. Is it possible to add the collection option when duplicating cards? As of now you can only duplicate cards within the pages not up to the collection level. So once the card is duplicated you need to look for it and then drag it on the right collection. It's fine if you have few collections but with multiple collections it's not.


2. Is it also possible to duplicate multiple cards for a set of collection or collections? For instance we want to duplicate the same card for different collections because of the difference on some of the filters. We are trying to build these collections for specific campaigns and/or teams.


It would be amazing if we can add those functionalities please.

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  • Thank you for submitting this idea @langeles.  I am assigning to our product manager @StevenC for review.

  • This is something I also ask to my account executive. We need it as soon as possible. It has make our deployment across our company really slow. 

  • Thanks @langeles for that feedback! Duplicating collections and cards to collections would definitely add value. We've created internal ticket DOMO-73833 to review this with our engineering team, thanks!

  • Thanks @michaelf! Do you think this is something that we can be available this week or any time soon?

  • Not this week @langeles but we're working to improve this experience!
  • Did the duplicate multiple cards functionality ever get implemented?

  • @quincysmiith this functionality is currently in beta for admins. From the page level it'll take a while longer to get the functionality out. Thanks for checking in!

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