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When users share a card with me, I get an email. It's says that a person has shared a card with me, and to see it, I'm asked to click on a link. But often times, I don't want to click on the link (mainly because my default browser is not the browser with which I like to access DOMO). I'd like to go to DOMO and simply find that card or page. The email is not much help in finding the card. The name of the card is not searchable (or doesn't seem to be). The email does not tell me under which page or subpage I can find it. I end up asking the person whom sent the card to point me in the right direction. Can some direction be added to the email? Thanks for considering.

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  • @Rachel thank you for submitting this idea.  I am assigning this to our product manager @StevenC for review.

  • @Rachel thanks for that feedback! So, you're suggesting that the email contains more information about where to find the card maybe in the text of the email that could possible  say: "[so and so] shared [card name] with you from [page name] etc..."?


    One suggestion for the time being is that from the email you receive you can right-click the "VIEW IN DOMO" button and choose to 'copy the link' which you can then paste into your preferred browser. That will take you right to the card.

  • Yes. Thank you. The copy the link does work, but I find myself having trouble relocating the card if I only look at it briefly when I get the email. Or I'll need to find the email again if I can't look at the card right when I receive the email. If I could read the email process where I'll be able to find it later, and then, find it later when I have the time, that would be most help. 

  • That makes sense @Rachel, thanks for that feedback. I've created an internal ticket, DOMO-73965, to review this with our team to determine the best solution. Thanks!

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