Domo Apps for Domo data

I'd like to see prebuilt apps for Domo specific data.  



- Projects & Task Metrics

- Datawarehouse and data usage metrics 

- User metrics (usage; access; etc.)

- etc.

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  • @Jessemauser thank you for this idea.  I am assigning this to our product manager @Jamie_M for review.  

  • Quick follow up @Jessemauser.  I talked to our team that runs the content for the Appstore and they have plans to include Domo usage apps in the near future.  I will reply back when I have more specifics for that.  

  • @jaredf so you are aware

  • @Jessemauser - there are now 18 apps in the Appstore that will help you with specific Domo data.  In the Appstore, search for 'Domo' and then select to view 'All'



  • Awesome, great to see them out there. 


    I've downloaded a handful, but there isn't a data source identified for them.  Am I wrong in assuming that the underlying data source for every customer related to Domo specific data, would be identicle?  If they are, all me or anyone else should have to do, is authenticate and log into our instance for the data to be accesible.


    Is there a guide available on how to connect to the underlying domo data sources?




  • @Jessemauser Let me find out that information and get back to you.

  • @Jessemauser here is the response I got:


    • Right now, customers do not have access to their Domo Usage information. They need to request it from Domo Support. 
    • When the customer launches a sample version of a Domo Usage app, a link to an Installation Guide is included. The Installation Guide basically describes what data is needed and how to power your app using your own data. Since Domo Usage information is only available upon request, we will need to add a note in the Guide that says to contact Domo Support for help in connecting to Domo usage data.
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