Ability to lock card placement into certain columns within a page

It would be a great to have the option to lock the layout of cards within a page to keep a vertical relationship for various cards. In today's application they automatically move based on screen size and can fall out of alignment. For example If i want all of my revenue cards for a specific office to fall on the left most column, the middle will display all revenue for a 2nd office, and the right column will display for a 3rd office.

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  • Thank you - this is a constant problem for me with employees having varying screen sizes, so they ask me where something is, and I say fourth from the right on the 2nd row, and it isn't showing that way for them!

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    Thank you for submitting this @lovelock. I am assigning to our product manager @product_John to review and comment.

  • @lovelock Thank you for submitting this suggestion.  We have a feature currently in development that will help with customization and styling of pages, including the ability to lock page placement of content.  

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