Workbench 4: Folder Grouping for Jobs

Current state: all jobs show under DataSet Jobs, regardless of who created them, making it harder for people to find their own jobs.


Desired State: allow creation of user folders.


We are using a temp solution by adding initials of a person who created a job,

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  • @SLaczny This is a great suggestion. We have been discussing this issue within out team and we have been exploring a way to tag and then search based on the tags. A folder system would be a good solution as well since it would a more immediate solution and provide better organization of your jobs.


    Some questions for you:


    1.) Would your jobs cleanly fit into a single folder?

    2.) Would you want multiple levels of folders (Marketing --> Social Media, Marketing --> Field)

    3.) How many WB jobs do you have? (trying to get an idea when we hit critical mass)


    Thanks for your input.

    Alex Peay
    Product Manager
  • Thanks for responding already @alexpeay.  

  • Very glad this is being discussed. I too would like folders or categories, set based on my own criteria. For example:

    Frequency of update: Ad Hoc jobs, Weekly Jobs, Daily Jobs.

    Team: Marketing Jobs, Operations Jobs

    Responsible User: Robyn's jobs, Dana's jobs, John's jobs


    Folders would be great as a step toward better organization, and category tags and filters would be additionally helpful in case something fits multiple categories (ex Weekly Job for Operations that Dana is responsible for running).


    @alexpeay @product_John I sent a big list of feedback to Greg Pirie back when I switched to v4. Happy to forward to you if you want, please reach out by email if so.



    Broadway + Data
  • @alexpeay@product_John@RobynLinden




    I echo what Robyn said. We currently have 8 editors/privileged plus me (Majordomo) and in total have roughly 300-350 different jobs. So, the hierarchy I would look at is:

    1. User

    2. Team/Target Page

    2. Frequency of Update


    Another solution would be to add a WB level hierarhy, i.e. WB asks for your user ID and displays only jobs you created (would need admin access to that too, tho, in case someone leaves the company).


    Robtn, I've also talekd with Greg Pirie about that and the short term solution we use (i.e. putting initial before job name: 'SL - Daily Sales").

  • Please allow for settings to be defined on the group too and the jobs inherit from their parent or override.  I want to be able to set the user account that the jobs run as but have another user define the jobs.  Thus I keep the executing account's password more secure.  This will also allow us to define a schedule once and drop multiple jobs into that schedule.

  • Simple folders that allow arbitrary groupings by drag-drop would be biggest bang for the buck. The familiar metaphor of folders is an added benefit and is very easy to manage and understand.

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