Waterfall Card for Pipeline

Has anyone had success in building a pipeline waterfall card in Domo?


We want to track the inflows and outflows of pipeline value based on pushed/pulled/lost/won/value changes between pipeline snapshots, but can't get the format to work such that users can drill through to the specific deals that accounted for the changes in question.  


Furthermore, I'll admit as a new Domo user, I am having trouble adjusting the x-axis to flow from 

Starting pipe --> New this week --> Pulled into Pipe --> Pushed out --> Lost --> Won --> Value Change --> Summary


It appears that the interface just randomly selects which order to list the values.  I even tried numbering the data set --> No luck.


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  • tseamans
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    Thanks - this was helpful.  We ended up doing a dataflow with  7 unions of the same data set in order to stack the data on itself and used a custom field for sorting to assure that it went in order numerically as we wanted the data to appear.  Very helpful.


  • Hi @tseamans


    These are great questions.  Rather than try to explain it all to you here, I want to point you to a great article in the Domo Help Center.  


    To begin, please click here to enter the Help Center. If you are not logged in with your Domo log in credentials then the below link will not work properly. Once you are logged in, it should take you straight there.


    Building Waterfall Cards


    Please let us know if this doesn't answer your questions.




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  • Thanks @dougstewc - the help article is farily self-explanatory, though even following the help article, the ordering of the axis labels are still not appearing in a sequential order.


    The bigger question here is to given users visibility directly to the deal-level movement that is happening.  I want users to be able to drill through on a particular section and see all of the deals that were won, or deals that changed in value.  This will give context to the movement in a pipeline waterfall.


    Any luck in applying this view to that use case?

  • @dougstewc, could you help @tseamans with their follow-up question?


  • In order to control the order of the series in the x-axis, you can drop the same field into the sorting area, this will sort in either ascending or descending order by number and then alphabetically. If you want to customize the order of the series in a different way then you can do so using a beastmode that assigns each series a numerical value. Here is an example:


    WHEN `categories` = ' series 1' THEN 1

    WHEN `categories` = ' series 2' THEN 2

    WHEN `categories` = ' series 3' THEN 3

    When placed in the sorting area, this beastmode will order the categories by the number value assigned.

    If you are having trouble with your drill-down pages, then you may want to open a case with Support inside Domobuzz or by emailing [email protected]

    Thank you,
    Andrew Nemrow

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