Data Labels on Stacked Bar Charts



I would like to be able to see stacked bar charts with data labels for BOTH the TOTAL of the bars as well as the individual parts of the bars.


Is this possible?  Happy to open an idea for it if not.

Thank you,


  • Hi nlombardini,


    You can do this by going to the Data Label Settings for the card and adding this to the "Text" field: 




    You will notice that this adds the total to each of the dimensions along with the total of the bar to each dimension in the stack.


    There is a feature request in the Domo ideas exchange asking for a more concise way to get the result you are after. Please consider going to this link and upvoting the idea.


    I hope this helps!





  • @nlombardini, did MrMiyagi's reply help answer your question?

  • @kshah008, I was already aware of the solution that was proposed, but was looking for a solution that did not put the category total on every segment of the stacked bar.  It does not appear that there is such a solution so I upvoted the relvant idea in the ideas exchange, as suggested.




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