Ability to Sort Stacked Bars by the Category Total



Idea: Ability to sort stacked Bar and Column charts based on Category Total.


Domo does not have an easy way to sort stacked bar and column charts by the category total.


Please refer to the following thread which outlines this issue:


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  • Thank you for submitting this idea @nlombardini.  I am assigning this to our product manager @ckwright for review.

  • Yes! I think this is a huge issue. 

    This needs to be addressed not only for Sorts, but also Filters, too.


    I've proposed something similar here:


  • Thanks for this feedback! Yes this a great idea, it's on the backlog. Also, looping in @Gavatar as his team owns this feature

  • Looking forward to this feature!

  • I found the currently 'accepted' solution here: https://dojo.domo.com/t5/Card-Building/Stacked-Bar-Chart-Sorting-Incorrectly/td-p/12433 , and I wanted to add to the conversation.

    For the accepted solution on that page,

    It seems to me that values separated by beastmode defeats the purpose of pulling in the series as it requires pulling in individual metrics. Breaking the series apart in in that way is both incredibly inefficient, and relies on your data to have clearly definied possible values. Unfortunately, requiring that manual setup per value is not a relaible option for me at the moment.


    Consider if we were wanting to:
    -- pull in a column with different statuses (e.g.: open, pending, closed)
    -- sort based on the total COUNT of statuses
    -- show the breakdown of status counts (as a series) within the stacked bar

    Separate beast modes will work, however if someone adds the status of 'in review' to the possible statuses, this would require someone dedicated to add that value as a beast mode option, then add to the series.


    As you can imagine, multiply this into multiple metrics across hundreds of possible shifting values, and this option becomes more than cumbersome. It has caused some issues with associates (sensibly) not understanding why "sort by count" of "a metric" by "decending" results in random orders of data simply because there was a series involved.

    I am definitely looking forward to getting a solution for this implemented! Thank you!

    Brian Pohuski

    Product Manager, Digital Services
  • If you hover over the top center of the graph there is a sort icon which becomes visible. It's not part of the actual card builder sort options and I'm NOT sure if this setting once clicked will persist for other users, but it did the trick for me in sorting category totals.


    sort icon.png

    Jacob Folsom
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