Domo converts text to date

I am using salesforce data set to bring data from Salesforce to Domo. I have a text column from Salesforce. The column has value as "2016-03". I want to this to be text, but Domo transform it to a date, 2016-03-01. How can I make Domo to treat it as text intead of date?


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  • You can use the Magic ETL Dataflow tool to change the column type in your dataset to text. You can access this tool by navigating to Data Center > Dataflows > New Dataflow. Under the Edit Columns section, use the Set Column Type feature.

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    the suggestion of doing it through a magic ETL will create an extra dataset. So, keep in mind if is it really worthed doing it that way creating an extra dataset just to modify one column ?


    another simple solution would be to do it through a beastmdoe where you can say




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  • @ggao, did any of the above replies help you out?

  • Thanks, everyone. The replies are really helpful. I think using beast mode is a better approach.