Stop bouncing the Help Topics ball

That Help Topics ball with the '?' in the lower left of the screen is extremely distracting when it bounces as it constantly bounces as I navigate our site (I primarily use Chrome).  I get it, it's there.  It can stop bouncing now.  I now consider it the Clippy of Domo because of how intrusive it is.

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  • @ShawnRiesterer


    Are you able to capture a screen shot to add to this so we can help address this?



  • I can capture a video, but do you have a way for me to upload it here?  It's the '?' in the circle in the lower left corner.  When I click on it, it's brings up Help Topics.


    The problem is that it bounces 4 times over the course of 4-5 seconds and then stops.  But it does it on every single page that I navigate to.  I've clicked on it thinking it just needs to be acknowledged and then it would stop, but as soon as I navigate to the next page, it does it again.  It's clearly something that was programmed into it to get the user's attention to let them know it's there, but there does not seem to be a way to get it to stop that behavior.

  • You can mouse over the icons in the rich text editor and you will see the icon to insert a video (almost in the middle). I suggest uploading from your computer.


    rich text editir.jpg



  • Thank you for submitting this @ShawnRiesterer.  Assigning to our product manager @Gavatar for review.

  • @ShawnRiesterer thanks for the feedback. We're getting rid of the bounce animation and this should be changed very soon. #killclippy

  • That hashtag totally just made my day.  Smiley LOL

  • Thanks Shawn. I am with you in that I think it is a little too much. I want to know that it is available but there is probably a better treatment that will accomplish the same goal. We are working on a better solution now.


  • This is great. TAKE OUT THAT SYMBOL FROM THERE. Nobody cares... 



  • This needs to stay as implemented so people can properly search on them.

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