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I would like some more options to customize box plot graphs! They can be really great to simplify a ton of data points, and are one of the few charts that calculate median as opposed to average (sidebar: median aggregation option for all graphs would be fantastic!!!!)


I noticed that the box plot is missing some simple options like coloring, and setting max and min's for the value scale. Also showing the underlying data in a category scatter overlayed by box plot would be awesome!


Here is an example:

Box and Whisker.png

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  • Thank you for submitting this idea @SamEich.  I am assigning this to our product manager @Gavatar for review.

  • Great suggestions with a nice visual. We are planning on giving Box Plot and scatter plot some more attention. This is a great list of basic enhancements. We will work on getting these options added.

  • @Gavatar and @product_John

    What is the latest on this box plot chart? We would very much like to use this. It is a great tool for evaluating wafer yields in the semiconductor industry. 

  • "This is a chart that we would like DOMO to add to their suite of charts to help us analyze yield and scrap. It will allow us to click on a single data point (wafer) and figure out why it had so few or so many defects and then track down the history of those wafers and try to copy or avoid the same process that contributed to those defect numbers. We can also use resistivity, sensitivity or other die performance metrics."

  • @Gavatar please provide an update.


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  • I was just working with box plots in Domo for the first time today, and was excited to see that this great feature request was marked approved. Then Inoticed that the approval is three years old. It would be great to see some improvements to box plots.

    Beyond what is mentioned, I'd really like to see support for plotting outliers, one of the best things about box plots.


    Note: Box plot is limited to 100K rows, and we often need to summarize millions of rows. I'm pre-calculating the values and supplying Domo with very small data sets. It would be convenient if instead of five rows per series, it were one row with five columns:


    Name  Min Max Median IQR1 IQR3


    This might also make it simpler to add outliers? Or not? They might require the current design, plus a third column
    Name   Value  IsOutlier


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