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1) Would like to control who sees the pop ups from Domo regarding what's new. I have users who will never import data, so I want to make sure they don't get pop ups with items related to data, ETL, etc, when Domo does a new release. As MajorDomo, I would like to vet who sees what when a new pop up slide show is published. Everyone should see the full screen card view, but not everyone should see data related news.

I recommend that when Domo does a new release, it is first shown to only the MajorDomo(s) for the instance, and then there is a click through where that person can identify which users do and don't see each individual slide in the deck (think Notification settings, where you pick what goes to SMS, email, app, etc -- same concept of user name and check boxes for each slide). Only after this vetting has occurred would it pop up for organization users. Side note, I think this is especially important for publication groups who have majorly limited access to the company's Domo instance.


2) Would like to author a "What's New" Pop up for my users. If I create a new page and load it up with cards, rather than sharing the page and using the text box associated with the share, or send a separate email linking the user to the page, I'd like to have a pop up appear that says "you may notice there's a new page, here's what you'll find."  I know some users create a page within their instance that serves this purpose, and trains users to go check it out, but I like the idea of the pop up because it will appear without any work on the user's part, and would hopefully allow me to track who has seen it by login and date. Bonus would be the option to insert an image(s), so I can choose a screen shot from the new page to accompany the bullet points I want to write for the user. 


Just a few more ideas geared toward making the MajorDomo role a bit more defined from the other Admin level users, and making the instance more personalized for the needs of my business. Would be happy to discuss with Domo folks if that would be helpful.

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  • @Gavatar this is a cool idea. We should explore how we can make this happen. 

  • Good suggestion. We are working on refining how we better inform the MajorDomo and not "over-inform" the others in the platform. These are great ideas. We will work on it.


  • Great! I'd be happy to be your beta if you need someone. 

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  • Thanks

  • This is a great idea. It could mix both solutions, the fact of show the What's new pop up and keeping the ideas under a page for future reference.

  • Another good point - we certainly want to make the update simple, informative and allow you to know when new things are available while not getting in the way of doing your real work


  • solid idea.

    i especially like option (2) and would use it often.

  • Hi, just wanted to re-emphasize this idea, and offer an additional use case.


    I currently have a datset that is missing half of its rows. (!!!!)


    While we are disagnosing and repairing the issue, I REALLY wish I could issue a popup to all logged in users, and future logins (until I determine we're ok) that says "UNDER CONSTRUCTION etc" and lets them know up front that certain reports are not currently accurate.


    I think this falls under the same idea I put forward originally, looking for a way as Majordomo to control who sees what messages.

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  • Are there any updates to this?


    I once again have a bug in my instance causing bad numbers, and I wish I could pop up to all users to caution them that data accuracy is not ensured.



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  • @Gavatar Can you provide us an update on these ideas?

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    I agree that all three suggestions are a good idea regarding pop ups and would like to know if anything is in the works as well.  We are having an issue right now where a pop up informing users that our data is not updated would have been really helpful to get this information out and noticed.  It would also be useful as said above to announce new cards, pages, etc.  Right now, I'm using a notebook card on our main page in the first card slot to temporarily let users know that our data isn't up to date and that the card will be removed once it is resolved.  I'm also using a video card which is in beta to announce/provide tips as a first card on our main page to inform users of new functions, tips, etc. So I'm suggesting those as alternatives for now.

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