Gradient Colouring from High to Low

I would like to be able to have a gradient colour scheme based on the sorting of values.

For example the highest value is red and it goes by gradient into blue (lowest value).


Right now I can have all of the categories as one colour or change them into random colours which don't have much meaning.

See example,



Domo-Top-Salespeople (Gradient 2).jpg

This would help viewers of the card understand which is the seen as the best performing series and worst performing.

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  • Very cool idea. It adds a lot of polish to the chart. We will need to stay in the Domo color palette but this could look reallly good. 


  • I love this idea, and would like to piggyback off of it based on something I've done with another data visualization platform.


    I had the length of the bar determined by one metric and the color of the bar determined by another metric.  For example, in this visual I was able to show transactions (length of bar) and revenue per transaction (shade of bar).


    transactions and rev per.PNG


    I would love to have this capability in Domo.  If I need to add this as a separate idea, let me know.

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    Same can be said for the heatmaps, light blue to dark blue tells an ambiguous story.  Would love to be able to set ranges and corresponding colors (red to green for 0 - 100% for example)

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  • This is an awesome idea for Domo, I use this feature a lot in Exel. 

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    Any update on this idea?



  • Still have this in the backlog. Lots of great projects ahead of this for now. We are releasing a huge improvement to all our color handling. It does not do automatic gradients in this release but it will allow you to manually set as many of these values as you want by name or value ranges. You can really create any look and it will stay with the card or dataSet (the colors as defined can be applied across all cards built from the same dataSet)


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