SUMO Cards - formatting titles and borders

Current status:

The pale blue for subtitles cannot be viewed. Can you see the subtitles on this?



Desired status:


Be able to change colors and fonts in Sumo.


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  • Tacking on some other enhancements for sumo (might be duplicated from other requests but I need to vent)

    You can't change the column names.

    The column name automaticly tacks on the word "Total" to the end

    When exporting to excel NONE of the number formatting, borders, or conditional formatting gets exported.

    You have to add a group by category to the column area before you can add a second group by category to the row area in a pivot.

    The borders within the sumo card cannot be formatted.

    You can't create beast modes in sumo


  • Thank you for submitting this idea @SLaczny and for the additional information @SamEich.  Assigning this to our product manager @ckwright for review.

  • @SamEich Thanks for the feedback. The enhancements you are requesting for Sumo, are on the Sumo roadmap. We agree that Sumo needs more flexibility when it comes to formatting, renamming of columns, and improvements to exporting to Excel.


    If you could provide some details on why you are exporting Sumo to Excel that would be very helpful. 




  • Clients who don't have Domo would like to use the data for their own analysis. We would like to give it to them in excel in the same format that we show it to them in Domo.



  • @SamEich Thanks for this information! 

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