Consistent series colours in nested bar graph drill downs

I created a drillable graph where I want consistent colours for the bars within my nested bar graph. Whenever I drill down on the Group Total, it changes the colour series in the subsequent graphs. Would be really helpful to keep this consistent. 


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  • Over and above this, when multiple card are looking at the same breakdown of data, say by region with EUR, AMER, APAC and MEA, then we need to have the colors of each region (or element) to have the same color on 1 page, otherwise any dashboard looks ridiculous to an executive.


    This means neing able to peg a color to the value of a field. This would solve both Katie's issue and mine.

  • Thank you for submitting this idea @Katie and for the additional information @ben_bar.  Assignign this to our product manager @michaelf for review.

  • Thanks for the great suggestion @Katie and for the additional feedback @ben_bar@Gavatar you may want to take a look at this idea as well and we can determine the best way to go after this.

  • Yes - thanks for the feedback. We are planning on adding this feature so you can tie a color to an entity (IBM is always shown in Blue) or (product xyz is always green) etc. This is a very common request and it is high on our backlog of features to add.


  • Great news. This would be really usefull. Mys execs will be happy.

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