How do I link widgets in a domo app?

I created a DOMO app that has 2 widgets:

1) Drop down widget that allows the users to select vendors

2) A widget that displays the total number of tickets based on vendors


In the Illustrator, I linked the drop down widet to the other widget based on vendor name.

However when I published the app, changing the vendor name doesn't change the value showing how many tickets are outstanding.  It is stuck on the first value based on the default vendor.


Any ideas what I might be doing wrong?

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  • Duc
    Duc 🟡
    Answer ✓

    I found out that you have to create a duplicate column if you want to use it as a drop down filter and you have to use the same datasource for drop down filter as well as the widget you want to control.


    So for example if you have a drop down to select city then you need two fields that has city.  Name the other field as something like city2. 


    Clunky but it works!