Ability to select and copy text from any text in cards

Issue: On many card types (bar chart, pivited sumo card...), you cannot select and copy text fom the card.


Idea: Make sure it is possible to copy text from any card where text appears.


Business reason: You sometimes want to refer to an item in an email or to paste a reference in a different system. The card gives you the info you want, but you are unable to extract the test, you have to manually type it!

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  • Thank you for submitting this idea @ben_bar.  I am assigning to our product manager @michaelf for review.

  • Thanks for the feedback @ben_bar! Can you be a little bit more specific about the use case to help me understand a bit better? You should be able to highlight and copy text from tables (see image below). Highlighting text in a Sumo Table

  • Hi Michael,


    The title of my post is "from any text in cards". The example you have chosen is one of the types of card where you can actually select text:

    • Column view of the Sumo card (your example)
    • Simple table card

    On all other cards that I have come accross, it is not possible to select text (pivot view of Sumo card, vertical and horizontal bar charts...)

  • Oh ok @ben_bar, so you're hoping to actually copy the charts and graphs themselves as well as text from the pivot view of a sumo table, is that correct? I'm able to copy the text even on a bar chart but not the lines of the graph, is that what you are looking for? I'm just trying to understand your use case. Thanks.

  • Hi @michaelf,


    Let me put some pictures. I am also running the latest version of Chrome (maybe it behaves differently on different browsers)


    On Sumo card (pivot view)

    Sumo card

    I cannot select any of text: Values and caetgories (rows and columns)


    On horizontal bar charts

    horiz bar chart.png

    Cannot select the series name.


    On vertical bar charts

    vert bar.png

    I cannot select the lengend

  • Thank you @ben_bar for taking the time to help me understand that better! We greatly appreciate your feedback. We've created a ticket to review your feedback with our engineering team.

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