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I was hoping there was a way to allow multiple users to manage pages without giving them admin priviledge but it looks like only page owners and administrators can edit a page. It would be ideal to allow page owners (or admins) to give other key users access to make changes to pages (add cards, move cards around, add collections, etc).

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  • This idea is something I would no use. Why? Because part of magaging our boards is to have someone responsible of it. If you have more than one responsible... then no one is. 


    With no doubt, this is somenthing you need. For us, this would be a problem, having to many people making changes to dasboards, I would need to lock all of them. 

  • @fsalinas, my thought is this would be controlled by a page owner or an administrator. If you don't have a need for it, you just wouldn't use it.

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