Ability to Select Which Field is used for Data Label

Hi, one significant limitation with the current set up for data labels is that there is no way to apply a label for a field that isn't already applied to a chart. I require the ability to select ANY field for the label.


For example, this functionality would allow me to start with a simple bar chart on total sales, and then apply a data label of % change in sales (which is a DIFFERENT field than is already present in the chart).

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  • Also, this similarly applies to color formatting. I require the ability to apply color formatting based on any available field (not just the fields that are included in the Series section of the chart).

  • Thank you for submitting this idea @srosen.  Assigning to our product manager @ckwright for review.

  • @srosen I am looking for some more details on this to make sure I am understanding what you are needing and the problem you need to solve.


    Are you requesting that in card builder you could select any field name and add a label to the field name, even if it is not displayed on the chart visual? 




  • @ckwright Yes, that's correct! I would like to be able to able to select any field name, even if it is not being used in the chart visual, (whether a "Category" or "Value") and apply a label based on thta field name.


    For example, below is an example of a chart where the data labels are different from the data being displayed in the visual:


    Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 10.20.58 AM.png

  • @srosen Are you also requesting the data labels to be applied at the row level, like an alias? Or column is sufficient? It seems on your chart each of those data labels are a value in a column. This chart you would also need the ability to display each of those columns in the cart even though its not in the visual. 

  • @ckwright I'm sorry but I'm not sure I understand the distinction between row vs. column level. Would you be able to provide an example? Thanks!

  • @srosen My apologies for not providing more context. The chart that you have the tool tips above the bar lines I are those different columns that are being referenced? 

  • @ckwright ah yes, exactly, the data labels should display values that are different from the ones being used to create the visualization. They are just labels.

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