Usage Stats on Publication Groups

Domo Usage stats do not seem to include Publication Group users.

We are using regular Domo logins, rather than SSO logins. Users who are in publication groups do not have access to any "regular" Domo instance pages, the only access provided is to publication group pages. 


I do not see ANY stats on logins, page views, card views, etc. on the Domo Usage page provided by support.  I was told this is an enhancement request, and there is no ETA on delivering a solution.


I find this to be a major lack in the publication group feature -- as MajorDomo I need to be able to provide support to ALL users, and I think pub group users are actually the most in need of admin level oversight, since they have the most limited access to Domo. 


Domo, please contact me if you want to dig into my use case. I think this is a major oversight and would really like to see it resolved -- all I need is a data table of User Name, Use Date, Card Viewed, that would be a big start.

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    @product_John can someone take a look at this one? @RobynLinden we'll take a closer look at this.



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  • I am a MajorDomo with the same request.  I work at an ad agency and our external clients login through Okta/SSO.  Okta does provide information on logins, but not page or card views.  Having infomation on which pages and cards are being used and how frequently would allow us to better tailor content for our clients.  

  • Thanks @RobynLinden for submitting this.  I'm assiging to our product manager @michaelf for review or to follow up with you.

  • Thanks @RobynLinden for the great suggestion! I understand that there are a lot of insights to glean from your users. Some features that will be releasing in the next few months should help facilitate that. It would be great to chat with you again about it as well as how you are using your publication groups, let me know some times that would work well for you. Thanks!

  • Happy to talk - Thurs 6/9 would be great, I am in the office 10-6 EST. Let me know a few times that might work? [email protected]

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  • This would be great.


    Our company chose to use publication groups for account executives over PDPs to better manage them (and we are having them login through the company SSO). Not having stats on the users is a massive disappointment- we are unable to account for the actual usage, and thus, cannot state how the rollout is truly going.


    I agree with RobynLinden - all I need is a data table of User Name, Use Date, Card Viewed.

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