Ability to remove filters created from drill down in IPhone app

One of the great feature of the drill down on a computer is that at each level, you can remove the filters created by the drill down. This lets us drill down, but also see the whole dataset in a different view without having to create another card.


Usual use case: The card top-level shows an overall view broken down by a certain dimension (say region), then when I click on the region I get the detail of the region (whatever it is), but if I remove the region filter, I can still get the detail view of the whole world. This makes it icredibly powerful to catter for different management levels with one card (say regional director and global head).


Unfortunately, in the IPhone app, the filters created by the drill down cannot be removed.  Any chance we could have the same behavior? They could be removed by clicking on them and then confirming on a bubble next to the filter?





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  • @ben_bar I moved your idea here from the Card Buidling board.



  • Thank you for submitting this idea @ben_bar.  I am assigning to our product manager @codysmith for review.

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    @ben_bar Thanks for the feedback and specific use case. It sounds like in this instance you have a card setup with one level on your drill path ending at a Sumo table. So when you drill into the section you are seeing the table defaulted with the region, then have the ability to remove that region as a filter to display all of the data.


    While currently on mobile you can toggle to the table view when in interactive mode by tapping anywhere on the card then toggling at the bottom of the card to the table, unfortunately we do not yet have the additional functionality once on the table to be able to filter. This is an important feature for the mobile app we have on our roadmap and will be addressing. 


    Thanks for reaching out, keep the good ideas coming.





  • Hi @codysmith,


    I don't think we are on the same page:

    1) Whatever the drill down view the filters created by the drilldown are greyed out on the IPhone app and cannot be removed, while then can on the Web app.


    2) It is impossible in DOMO to manually sleect a Sumo table as a drill-down. The only occasion where that happens is when you drill-down to the "data" level, which is the last automatic level unless you prevent it.


    3) The screenshot does not actually show a Sumo table (data level) but a regular table view which is the second level of drilldown from the tree map.


    4) The issue is not about being able to add a filter, but the ability to remove a filter


    You can contact @delsat at DOMO to get my phone number. Happy to explain in a call.


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  • Hello @codysmith


    I would like to revisit this issue again but from my standpoint. I am actually using Android though, so it must be a mobile-wide occurance.


    Here is a screenshot of a location on a card where it is drilled down. Here, I would like to remove one of the greyed out items to update what is shown. 


    The last item is a new filter added via the orange + button, which is available to be selected and deleted (it is black instead of grey).


    It would be great to have this ability for all the filters, not just the newly added ones




















    On the website, it is easy to do, since there is x's to delete each filter when drilling into it. 


  • @gatormain Thanks for the follow-up and screen shots. I'm working now with the team to see what options we have here and hope to have an answer to you shortly on this. cc @ben_bar





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