Allow to see Data Flows and Data Sets connected to specific Data Set

It is critical to allow to see Data Flows and Data Sets connected to specific Data Set once we are seeing that specific Data Set.



Let say we are seeing one Data Set, we have two tabs one for Overview and another one for Cards. I think we should have another tab giving us details about connections from or to that Data Set. For example, which Data Flows this data set is connected with.


This is critical to keep our Data Center clean and updated and will help your servers as well (allowing us to disregard what we do not need any longer or we already replace or update, to avoid confussion and data noise).




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  • Thank you for submitting this @GIriarte.  I am assigning to our product manager @alexpeay for review.

  • @GIriarte This is a great suggestion and one that we have been working on. You will see the first parts of this being exposed this summer with Personalized Data Permissions where we show you where a DataSet is used so you can understand the impact of the permissions you are setting.


    We will expand that service into other areas in the fall to provide insight into how all DataSets are connected to other Domo assets (Alerts, Cards, DataFlows, Fusions, ...)

    Alex Peay
    Product Manager
  • Alex Peay
    Product Manager
  • Please, we really need this information.



  • @alexpeay


    Can you update everyone on when this will be released? If it has already gone live then update the status to Implemented.



    Dani aka "Mr.Dojo"

    Dojo Admin
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  • Personalized Data Permissions, as mentioned above, has been released. However, there are other ways that we're looking to expose this information. We hope to have this better surfaced later this year. 

  • Domo has a feature in beta called 'Complete Data Lineage'.  This feature allows you to see all the dataflows, alerts and cards that a dataset powers directly or indirectly, so you can get an idea of the downstream impact of a dataset failing.  Here's an example of this feature for a dataset called 'Combined Lead List'.  If you'd like to participate in the beta, please contact [email protected]


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