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It would be nice to control the default landing page for a group of users.  Currently the page defaults to the Overview Tab and Page.


Example:  The Executive Team logs into DOMO and I would love to direct/land them to the Executive Dashboard.



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  • This can be done already by going into admin/company and locking pages.  The pages will appear as tabs in the order that you set and users will see the first tab based on order and their permissions (i.e. if you have 5 pages (A, B, C, D, E) and lock pages A&B only users with permissions to A will land directly on A upon login where users with permissions to B only will land on that page first.  Pages C,D,&E will show after the locked pages I believe based on the order in which they were created

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  • Thank you for your suggestion.  This has been submitted to our engineering team through ticket # DOMO-37818

  • @MitchyMitch8 can you please take a look at this?

  • I would like to suggest a slight extension to this ideation request.


    Ideally, creating an overview landing page by group so they see a what's new or onboaridng page specific to users.


    Also if the user is new a one time or can be bookmarked how to navigate our instance specific to the company.


    These can be toggled on or off they the user.   It may not even be a page it could be a lightbox popup with current info you need to distribute to users.





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  • This has been brought up by our users as well.  Would like to be able to even further customize the experience for each user/department.  Thanks.

  •  Just chiming in to agree with the previous posts. It would be a big help to have the default landing page setting available at the user and group level. We've got users with very different page collections, so a general default page doesn't help in our case.


    I imagine that the rules would be like this:


    * Use the most specific settings, so User overrides Group, which overrides Company.

    * None of the above circumvents user and group security restrictions, etc.


    It's great to see that this idea is already under review.

  • just curious what's the status of this? 

    as our team gets bigger, it will really be helpful to customize the landing page of groups 

    ie Executives will have a different landing page compared to the Marketing team

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