Filters within the Drill Path

When using the Drill Path capabilities, beyond the "parent card", DOMO lacks the ability to add filters to secondary cards.  As such, the "child card" only can inheret the properties of the "parent card" and source data.


The inability to add a filter on the "child card" does not allow you to change the time dimension (in a line graph for example) and keeps you bound to the underlying source data.  So, the line graph shows my measures based on a daily representation, when in actuality I want to view it by Week or Month.


Adding a filter to the secondary cards within the drill path will allow me to filter and visualize the desired time dimension.

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  • Thank you for submitting this idea @adubrow.  I am assigning to our product manager @ckwright for review.

  • @adubrow Thank you for this idea, we have discussed this need internally with the Dev and Product team. We will be working on features in the future that will solve this problem. 



  • @btm


    Please provide a status update on  this from the product team!



  • @DaniBoy @ckwright  Can you let me know the update here. Looks like in 2016 that this was "being developed". Can you let us know when this will happen?

  • wow, how is this not a more popular item?


    Domo offers the ability to dynamically add filters to everything EXCEPT views in the drill path. Pages, cards and the final data view, all offer the ability to add new filters and modify existing. This is the only place you can't?


    I just went through a few rounds with support and they suggested I use quick filters. It is nearly impossible to predict every possible reason someone might want to filter a data set so to leverage the workaround you should add every possible field. IMO that defeats the purpose of the quick filter. A quick filter should be just that, a quick way to filter the card based on the most common/likely dimensions. All others should be hidden to avoid clutter and confusion. But available if desired.


    Can we please have an update on where this stands?

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