Remove time stamp from date format



If I have a date format that includes month, day, year, hour, minute, second, as follows: 

21-Apr-16 1:53:46


What is the Date_Format in Beast Mode to only get the "Mon, Day, Year"?


Thank you.

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  • Great suggestion Godzilla! There are many different posibilities that influence how we could answer this.  Is the date already a string? Where is it showing up in the card?  The formula above is going to change it to a string.

    The below formula will maintain your data type as a date if you need it.  DATE(`DateField`)

  • @Valeriehern, did any of the above replies help you out?

  • Yes. Sorry didn't loop back around earlier. Thank you!

  • %M gives the full Month spelled out (eg, November), apparently with a trailing space for some reason

    %m gives the number of the Month (eg, 11)

    What gives the format that is above ('Nov')? 


    Would be nice to have a page of the different format options on date.

  • @jim_inx,


    Thank you for the additional comment and solution!




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