Possibility to have a third Dimension in a Grouped & Stacked Bar Chart

Would be great to have the possibility to add a third dimension in a Grouped & Stacked Bar Chart. Exemple : Multiple bars grouped by a field and then stacked each bar by an other field. Something that could look like that :Stacked & Group Bar Chart Exemple.jpg 

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  • Thank you for submitting this idea @cmasse.  I am assigning to our product manager @Gavatar for review.

  • Very interesting idea. I have added it to our backlog. It would be interesting to see others interest in this third dimension

  • I've had two others ask about this capability.  In the "First Bar Series Count" setting in Bar Settings, if we could include a comma or semi-colon to specify additional counts, that could do the trick.  In effect, the current setting allows to specify how many "stacks" appear in the first bar (e.g. 3), but all the other stacks defaul to the next bar.  If we could enter 3,3,3...that would indicate the first 3 bars have 3 stacks(series), then the fourth bar has the rest.


  • I was just asked to build one of these yesterday, and now I get to tell people the option doesn't exist.


    Definitely would be interested, and I could see using this frequently.

  •    We have more of such requirements comming up .Creating charts with three or more dimension and also joining the Pivot tbale(SUMO CARD) with Graphs would add more value to the visualization 



  • Finally i am not alone

  • This would be an amazing feature, it's offered in Tableau is greatly missed. 


    Is there any update on this feature?

  • Any updates on when it will be implemented? 

  • @Gavatar @btm


    Do we have an expected release date since this was marked approved last December?


  • This is exactly what i am looking for! Did this ever get released? @DaniBoy @Gavatar


  • Not in the product yet. Still a ways off.

  • Thanks for the update @Gavatar

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