workbench dataset job schema does not match domo dataset schema

Hi Everyone,


I am having an issue with one of my Workbench jobs I hoping you can assist me with.  I have a dataset that have roughly 400 columns that I need to rename to something more meaningful when shown in DOMO.  I have done this in Schema section of my workbench job and ran it.  It seemed to run fine but 2 things occurred after.  I wasn't able to see the dataset in DOMO and now, when I try to run it, I get a Workbench error:


Unhandled Exception error has occurred in your application.

Response status code does not indicate success: 404 (Not found)


All other workbench jobs seem to be running normally.  I even recreated the same workbench dataset job but didn't rename the columns and it worked fine.


Is there a limit to:


1. The number of columns in a dataset job

2.  How many columns can be renamed in a dataset job.


Please let me know if you have encountered this and how you addressed the issue or if you came up with a better solution to create your dataset.




Mark Flachs


  • @MarkFlachs That does seem strange. Can you provide some additional details:


    1.) What version of Workbench are you using?

    2.) Have you created cards (or any other Domo asset) on the original DataSet?

    3.) Did you try changing the column names prior to the first upload of the DataSet

    4.) What kind of data source is this pulling from (excel, ODBC, tc.)


    To answer your questions:

    1.) 400 should not be an issue, especially given that you were able to upload the DataSet later

    2.) I have not seen this before, so I will need to dive into the details to better understand the issue

    Alex Peay
    Product Manager
  • @MarkFlachs Are you still hvaing this issue?

    Alex Peay
    Product Manager
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