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I'm thinking of building my first connector using the Connector Builder, but there's a few questions I have that are not covered in the documentation.


1. Does my connector have to be published to all Domo customers, or can I limit my connector to customers I choose?


2. If I need to publish updates to my connector, do they take effect immediately or is there a delay?


3. The IDE makes no apparent provision for configuration (for example, selecting fields, specifying date ranges or entering filter criteria). Is there any way within the IDE to configure a form that supplies additional variables to the data processing script?


4. What limits exist on the data processing script? Is there a lines-of-code limit, or an execution timeout limit?


5. Who handles technical support for a custom connector? Does Domo take ownership and support responsibility of the submitted code, or does that remain with the publisher? In that event, how are support requests for a custom connector relayed to the publisher for resolution?


6. As a publisher, do I get any insights into how many installs, runs, records, cards and issues arise out of the use of my connector on customer instances?


7. What is Domo's position on building connectors for systems that "already exist"? For example, Wufoo Forms - there's a connector for it, but it does not retrieve actual survey responses. Under what criteria will Domo typically reject a connector for publication?


8. Why is there no Google AdWords connector? Google has a robust API, and connectors for other Google products exist, so I'm confused as to why there's no AdWords connector. I was thinking of building a simple one before I realized that there might be a good reason why there isn't one.


9. Under what conditions can I cancel/un-publish/remove a connector from circulation?

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    Here are some additional answers.  


    5.  The publisher is responsible for technical support.


    6.  At the moment we don't have a way to display that information in a publishers account, but we could manually pull metrics for you.  Eventually we will add it to the publisher account.


    7.  You are welcome to publish connectors for products that Domo has already published.  Especially where the Domo connector may not provide the necessary data.  Rejection criteria are more around security risks or performance issues.


    8.  Domo has not built an Adwords connector due to the account structure and business relationship that Google requires to access Adwords data.  There isn't a technical limitation.  An Adwords customer would have to provide access to their account in a way that exposes a lot of their data directly to Domo.  To safeguard that Domo recommends customers export their Adwords data to Google Cloud Storage and use that connector.


    9.  Assuming that customers are not using a connector, it can be un-published.  



    I am no longer with Domo. Please @mention @Millhouse for connector specific questions.


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  • I already have answers for the first 3:


    1. Connectors are published to all Domo customers, but are only accessible with a GUID url unless the connector is deliberately made visible in the customer's instance.


    2. There is a delay, anywhere from 1-30 days depending on the current workload


    3. There is no way to define additional input fields in the IDE, however you can leave a comment in your code for Engineering to add those fields when they publish the connector.


    4-9 still need answers, thanks!

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  • Thanks for the response! All my questions have been answered, thanks ?

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