Need improvements for the date range that appears at the top of cards

It's unclear to my users what the date range pertains to (located next to the card title, above the summary number) -- I know I can set it based on the time frame I want to show, but the default is to show a range of the oldest date and newest date in the system. If I filter the card on the builder end to show only one year, for example 2014, but the data has a date in it from 2012, that 2012 date appears on my card in the date range even though it isn't relevant to the data.


It also needs a label to indicate what the dates are. I'm managing data on live events, and it's not clear if the dates at the top of my cards are the event dates, or dates that customers made a ticket purchase, for example. I know where to choose my date column on the builder side, but there's nothing telling my users what the dates mean.


Please help -- thank you!

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  • Here's an image of the chart item I'm talking about: unexplained date.PNG

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  • @DaniBoy do you happen to know if this is being considered? I know the status is still 'Submitted' -- it has come up as a point of confusion recently and I would like to be able to tell users there will be some changes made. Any insight you can share?



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    @RobynLinden We are working hard to develop a robust process to reveiw all ideas in a timely manmer and update their status as needed.


    I don't have any news on this yet but hope to have an update soon.


    Thanks for your patience!


    Dani aka "Mr.Dojo"

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  • Another thought on this idea -- if nothing else, it would be GREAT if the default selection in the Date Range Field dropdown was 'Select a Date Column.' Domo tends to preselect one, and if I'm not paying attention I'll publish a card with a date range that is not helpful to the data being visualized. Since you can add the date range thorugh the Analyzer, I would rather eliminate this top date range at default, and have the option to bring it in on the Builder level if it is useful for the card being built.

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    Thank you for submitting this @RobynLinden. I am assigning to our product manager @ckwright to review and comment.

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