How put together "Date" and "Time" columns into a "Date and Time" column using transforms

Wath transform formula/method do I need to use to create a "Date and Time" from a "Date" column and a "Time" column?


For example


I     Date           I      Time           I

I   1/1/2016       I      2:00 PM     I




I    Date andTime     I

I   1/1/2016 2:00PM I



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    There is probably a less convoluted way of doing it but thisis how I managed to getting it done:


    Create the following individual subtitutions and set them to STRING type:


    SUBSTITUTE(`Date`," 12:00:00 AM","" )


    SUBSTITUTE(`Time`,"30/12/1899 ","")



    Put together the "extrated" Date and Times and set to DATETIME type




    Add a Time Zone Shift transform with your time zone.




    The concatenate funcion does does seem to take formulas in it which is way I needed to add the extra preliminary steps.

    You might need to change the format of the substituted strings depending on your computers default date/time formats.

    You might need to start with string version of the Date and Time if things dont work, I did not need to do this in the end.

    If no Time Zone shift is added the time will be parsed as (UTC+00:00)



  • Try this


     STR_TO_DATE(CONCAT(`DateColumn`, ' ', `TimeColumn`), '%m/%d/%Y %H:%i:%s')


    let us know if it works

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  • Hi


    Thanks for the help, however the Workbench does not have STR_TO_DATE unfortunatelly. So I still need a way to do it in Workbench.


    On a side note"

    I had to modify the Beast Mode calcuation to get ti to work to:

    STR_TO_DATE(CONCAT(`DateColumn`, ' ', TIME(`TimeColumn`)), '%Y/%m/%d %H:%i')


    the TIME() funcion being the key difference.

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