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I like the fact that we can see the number of views a specific card has had the last 30 days. It would be great if there was a datasource that we could use to create cards for the Privledged/Admin users to track which cards are being used the most/least. This helps with making modifications and notifying the appropriate users that a card is going to change. It would also be useful so we know which cards are the least used to determine if we need to remove/enhance the card so it is more useful. It would also be nice so we could identify the power users of DOMO. We can do that by going to each users profile but it is extremely time consuming. 



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  • In additional to user profile/card views, I also would like to build cards on login history, alert history, who has access to which datasources, pages and cards. The data is in Domo, we just need domo to open up these data sources to us.

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  • This is a huge piece of the puzzle that I feel is missing. In order to get my users to adopt what has been built for them, and to help inspire new reports and KPIs, I need case studies to illustrate how users are viewing cards, what cards are the most influential, what information is being exported and shared outside of the system, etc etc. Please make this happen!

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  • Thank you for your suggestion.  This has been submitted to our engineering team through ticket # DOMO-37777


  • @MitchyMitch8can you take a look at this please?

  • @DaniBoy, does this possibly expand on two existing idea and idea#2 previously submitted by @cmarkum?  

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  • Yes these all seem to be related. I am meeting with the product team next week and will review these three to see if they are duplicates and if we need to consolidate. We will make sure credit is recognized as appropriate.


    Great feedback & ideas from all on these posts.




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    I too really like this idea having duplicated much of it in my own request before seeing this.  Please also see the following idea as it follows suit with the one here.


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    These are excellent suggestions, thank you! Our consulting group has built some of the functionality into Domo apps and we're planning to bring some of that into the Administration features of Domo.

  • Any development on this issue?

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