Filtering in Workbench

How do I filter out anything that would match

*Text* (this is excel format)

Example: Blah blah Text Blah blah (this would get caught by the filter).

It isn't working. It errors with: [06.24.16 01:56:22] parsing "*START*" - Quantifier {x,y} following nothing.

Filtering with: 


worked in WB just like in Excel.

Also how do you do the wildcard for character in WB? In excel it is a ? and in Beast mode it is a %...

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  • MichaelC
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    This seems to work as the find value in Workbench:



    It finds and selects the entire string if the string has the phrase "text" or "Text" in it somewhere.

    ^.*text.*$ also works if you are sure your search word "text" is not capitalized.

    ^.*\n*.*text.*\n*.*$  Use this if you have line breaks in there anywhere (it can do one before and one after. repeat the \n*.* part for each additional line break you may have.)


    This last example with find and select for replacement this entire string (with breaks):


    Blah blah

    this is text!



    Regex....  Slowly learning!


  • Have you tried using the transforms filters in Workbench? There are a couple of filtering options, but the Search & Replace Properties sounds like it may work for you. There are a bunch of regular expressions, with descriptions of what they look for, that will help you search a string for the text you're looking for and then provide a replace value. 


    Hope this helps!

  • Glad you were successful, regexs are pretty powerful

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