Differences Between Workbench 2 and 3?

The version of workbench I have been using so far for my data uploads is version 2.  I found out in the Advanced domo presentation that there was data encryption offered in version 3, which is important given the PHI my company has to deal with.  What are some of the most important differences between version 2 and version 3 of Workbench?

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    We upgraded to version 3


    Key Differences that we noticed:

    Jobs stored at DOMO

    Ability to select DOMO users when jobs fail/succeed

    Advanced scheduling doesn't exists anymore - can select minutes, hours, days, etc but cannot schedule for 6AM        and then every 4 hours after that. 

    UI is easier to use

    One issue that we had is that we couldn't use the original AD service account. We had to switch to SQL login

    Ability to encrypt data


    Overall, it is much easier to use and we have liked it over version 2. 


  • One of the coolest features of WBv3 is the ability to encrypt data fields that are getting uploaded to DOMO.  Users who have the ability to view the card will not be able to see the data to the encrypted field UNLESS they have a password to unlock.  Awesome Feature and useful.  I will be using this for sensitive employee data.

    Vincenzo Speziale
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  • There are a number of improvements, here are the release notes that hightlight our top new features and improvements:




    A couple things I will highlight: 

    Always on: In v3 Workbench is run as a service. This allows you to set up automatic updates so you have the latest features without having to worry about constantly checking for the latest release. It also helps make Workbench run more consistently, if your machine reboots Workbench will restart when the machine does.


    New connections: With Workbench v3 you can connect to Jira, XML and Quickbooks.


    Encryption: This is the big feature for Workbench v3 and is really a game changer for you if you have sensitive data. We give you the option to encrypt the data so that it is encrypted at rest and only you and your selected indiviuals have access, or you can simply obsufcate the data from everyone.


    One more thing, we have Workbench v3 set up so that it can run in the same environment as Workbench 2.x, so you can install Workbench 3 today and see if you like it, use it for new jobs and transfer over any of your Workbench 2.x as needed.


    Please let us know any questions you have and of couse send us some requests here in Dojo so we can make the next Workbench even better!

    Alex Peay
    Product Manager
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