"Proper" Online form as data input

Is there a way to use Domo in conjunction with either a built in feature or easy to set-up add-on/connector to directly add data to a DataSet using a online form.


Ideally it would be set up directly on Domo like the Poll function but feed a DataSet like Domo webform. The built i Domo Webform is a bit too crude compared to what I have in mind and I wouldn't want to give every one access to all the data either.


There seems to be plenty of Online Form generator websites out but as far as I can tell non cna be directly connected to Domo which is what I would need.


Coding and so on is out of my league so it needs to be a bit more straight forward that building a custom connector and so on.

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  • kamuela



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    @rado98 One idea.  You can create a Google Form and have it save the responses to a Google Sheet.  Then set up a DataSet using the Google Sheets connector to bring the data into Domo.  Would something like meet your requirement?

    I am no longer with Domo. Please @mention @Millhouse for connector specific questions.